About Us

Our Purpose


Our purpose is to support the creators and curators of community knowledge.


We work with creators and communities to develop spaces for community knowledge sharing, problem solving, collective visioning.


We partner with traditional educational institutions, civic institutions, non-profits and grassroots movements to shape new educational paradigms that engage whole communities as teachers and life long learners - as creators, trusted evaluators and participators - in vibrant accessible curated community learning environments.

Our Values


We value well being for people, communities, and the earth. We prioritize projects that are collaborations that benefit multiple intersecting communities.


We value creativity. We love seeing ourselves and others learn, grow, and reach our potential. 


We value joy. While many of the subjects we engage together are serious and significant, we simply enjoy the opportunity to be together and laugh as we generate new worlds together.

We are a mix of artists, activists, technologists, educators, ministers and entrepreneurs - 

sometimes all in the same person.